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We have wide range of Ford and Lincoln OEM and After-market parts and accessories available for all make and models. Complete the web-form below to send you request or call our Parts department to order your parts and accessories, Our phone number is 416-292-1171 We can also deliver parts check with parts department if you qualify for parts delivery.   

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The parts in your vehicle go to work every time you hit the road. Just as the people that work on your vehicle should be qualified and well-trained experts, the parts they use in the repair should be recommended specifically for your vehicle.

A part that fits properly will not only help it perform better, it can last longer as well-which means you can save money by replacing fewer parts, less often.

Ford Motor Company Genuine Parts, Motorcraft Parts and Ford and Motorcraft Remanufactured Parts are all excellent choices when it comes to performance, longevity and value. And they're all backed by a Ford Motor Company parts limited warranty*, so you know the parts you use are going to perform like they should.

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